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3 Interesting Facts you probably didn't know about Memorial Day

Posted on 25 May 2015

Blue Planet’s Memorial Day Facts

We at Blue Planet Eyewear would like to honor all of our beloved soldiers who passed on while defending our country. Presented in this article are 3 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Memorial Day. Thank you to our fallen veterans for protecting us and making the United States a safe place to reside.1

  • 1. It is a legal requirement to take time for remembrance:
  • Indeed. Since the year 2000, it is a legal requirement for all citizens to take a moment to remember and honor the fallen troops at 3pm local time.

    1. Memorial Day is derived from ancient roots:

    Cultures dating back over 2000 years ago have hosted annual honorings for soldiers who had lost their lives during battle. One of these first events that took place was in Athens, Greece in 431 B.C., which praised those who fought in the Peloponnesian war.

    1.   It used to be called Decoration Day:

    Because soldier’s graves were often decorated with flowers as a way to commemorate their lives, it was originally known as “Decoration Day.” Over the years, the holiday slowly transitioned into being called “Memorial Day.”


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